Smashing’s E.P. “My Time” will give you a new sense of direction

Smashing’s E.P “My Time” is set to be released on June 25, 2021. It is already on iTunes and all major platforms for pre-sale! Manager and producer Roderick Fray helps bring out Smashing’s artistic nature and vibe heard clearly throughout the entire E.P.

The track “Last Try” sends a message of determination to the listener. It makes sense that all of the tracks listed on the E.P. speaks to the audience in ways they can relate.

“This allows them to feel as if they are being referred to and that yes, Smashing has had those experiences too, so we have a lot in common” said the composer of the 7 track E.P.

“MY Time” E.P boasts songs with extreme differences that can be played anywhere at any time. The track titled “My Time” simply explains that the time is now. Upon Smashing’s introduction to Roderick Fray oh HowWow Records and Production LLC, their debut work created the single “Last Try”, which was followed by “Feels it”.

These tracks proved to be the moniker for a great and trusting friendship.

Smashing stated that “This E.P. is more of a personal experience for me because of the state on mind I was in and I was determined to share my life experiences as well as some everyday occurrences, whichever way these songs are all facts. This E.P. is so versatile that you can vibe to it just to get your day started in a positive way and it also consists of songs that you can listen after a rough day to give you a glimmer of hope”.

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