Sophia Brown plans promo tour of the U.S

Reggae vocalist Sophia Brown is now gearing up for her first ever promotional tour of the U.S and Canada which is scheduled to begin in mid July. The tour which is centered around radio promotion will last for one month running from July 17 through to August 18 and will see the “Love You Pure” singer traveling to places like Rochester, Philly, Brooklyn, The Bronx, New Jersey and Virginia not to mention other locations in Canada.


According to Brown the trip is vital. “Well this promotional tour is necessary, the album is doing great in Canada online sales are going well and I want to ensure that continues so we going to take it over there plus I feel like I need to do some more ground work in the U.S so I’ll be starting there first”.

Outside of her tour plans Brown has also been moving up the charts with her album The Spotlight currently sitting in the #7 position on Richie B’s Top 10 Album Charts. With plans to do another video in September Brown says she’s already looking towards her sophomore album. “So far this album has been doing great the music can be heard everywhere from Movie Theaters to on Air Jamaica flights so I am confident the rest of the year will be progressive I have another big tour coming up in December and this will be a two month run of Europe after that I will start work on my second album”

Brown who is scheduled to take part in the Rochester Sun Splash Concert on July 18 will be at the Yard Vibes Cafe in the New Kingston Shopping Centre on Today Friday June 12 signing autographs for fan from 8 – 9pm.

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