Sophia Brown's slow entry into the Spotlight brings Surprises

Consistent with her musical journey that took her to that moment of realising her dream, Sophia Brown’s entry at the Hilton Hotel on Wednesday evening for the unveiling of The Spotlight, as her maiden album is so named, was a long and slow process.

In keeping with the ‘trendy’, lamentable practice of having the press, specially invited guests and well-wishers waiting on such occasions, she came to bask in the glow of the Spotlight an hour and 32 minutes after the scheduled 7:00 pm start.


Making a grand appearance in a sparkling blue evening gown, Sophia Brown didn’t come empty-handed, which resulted in a measure of what were well-received surprises. Thus for many early patrons, the wait was more than worth it.

Perhaps for the first time in Jamaica at an album launch, the celebrated host, handed out plaques in an expression of appreciation for support given by all who were associated with the project and helped to make it a reality.

In this regard, Sophia Brown has distinguished herself as being the artiste to have introduced this noble gesture by acknowledging those who guided her along the way into ‘The Spotlight’. On this very special occasion, she shared ‘The Spotlight’ with not only family members such as son Jahmel, daughter Daniela and sister Hudesha Hines who in reference to Sophia’s achievement, exclaimed, “She has finally done it”; but industry players as well.

Those touched by Sophia Brown’s sense of gratitude included broadcaster Richard ‘Richie B’ Burgess, co-producer Syl Gordon, publicist Claude Mills, studio whiz Steven Stanley, to mention the four most noted recipients from whose goodwill and expertise she benefited immensely.

“Sophia Brown is a young lady who has shown total determination over the years. I’ve watched her over the years and she has steadfastness about achieving a career as a singer,” remarked president of the Jamaica Federation of Musician, Desmond Young.

Guest speaker and Observer columnist Clyde McKenzie also acknowledged Sophia Brown’s passion for getting things done. “I’ve known Sophia for quite a while; one of the things I’ve known is that she is never afraid to work hard. She is never afraid to back what she thinks is right with her commitment…. A lot of artistes are unwilling to take risk. Sophia is one of those persons who is willing to take the kind of risk which others expect other people to carry. So we salute Sophia for that and welcome you fulsomely into The Spotlight,” Clyde McKenzie said.

“Thank you, thank you, thank you for being here. I’ve worked hard…I worked extremely hard for this,” enthused the lady in the spotlight, Sophia Brown, during her introduction of the album dedicated to her late grandmother, Agatha Miller, and the video for the single Weak To You.

On the 14-track set she collaborates with Macka Diamond and Junior Kelly on the cuts Female Thing and Precious respectively. She also entertained by performing some of the tracks for the first time in ‘The Spotlight’.

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