Spice and Missy Elliot Release Hot Summer Single

Spice Missy Elliott
After a lengthy break from the music business rapper Missy Elliott is back. The rapper is featured on a remix of Spice’s new single Fun.

Last month, the rapper revealed that she’s been suffering with Graves disease since 2008. Graves is an autoimmune disease that affects the thyroid. Elliott has been going through radiation and exercising, which has improved her condition. She hinted that she will be releasing her seventh studio album this year. However, before the release of her new material, the rapper jumped on a track from local deejay Spice.

Spice told The WEEKEND STAR how the song came about. She said, “I did the song Fun on Equiknoxx’s ‘Washbelly’ rhythm and my new management team Movers and Shakers they heard it and really liked it. They have a relationship with Mona Scott-Young (owner of Monami Entertainment, co-owner and president of Violator Management who represents Missy Elliott, 50 Cent and Busta Rhymes). My management sent the song to Mona who played it for Missy and she jumped on the track and sent it back to us.”

ccording to Spice, she was shocked but delighted that Missy Elliott remixed her song. “One day my manager played the song for me and I didn’t know about the remix and when I heard Missy on it, I was over the roof. Missy ripped it up. The beat is a dancehall beat, its not trying to be hip-hop and she did well on it,” Spice said.

After the remix, Spice was invited by Scott-Young to be the special surprise guest for Missy’s birthday party in Miami. Spice surprised Elliott by performing alongside rapper Trina at Santo at Gulfstream in Miami. “Me and Trina we did a remix of Get Your Freak On and I did it the Jamaican way. It wasn’t a Jamaican audience but it mashed up the place. I did my splits and foot in the air and when Timbaland saw me do all that his mouth drop wide open,” Spice laughingly said. “She was surprised and we hung out and took pictures and she thanked me for coming. She asked me to do an encore and do Rampin’ Shop which is one of her favourites.”

According to Spice, she has already done a video for the song Fun before the remix came about. The remix was released yesterday and she says VP Records will be releasing it overseas. Spice added, “Missy hasn’t recorded for about three years, so this is one of her first recordings in a while, a lot of people will be looking for it and will gravitate to it.”

Outside of Fun,Spice will be releasing the video for her song Hot Patty Wine soon. She is busy in studio having released a song on Cashflow’s ‘White Liver’ rhythm and two songs for producer Tony Kelly. “I also have my birthday party coming up, August 13 at Waves Beach called ‘Celebrity on the Beach’. It will be a fun vibe, jet skis and foam machine and there will be a surprise guest,” she said.

Missy Elliott is the only female rapper to have six albums certified platinum by the RIAA, including one double platinum for her 2002 album Under Construction. Elliott is known for a series of hits and diverse music videos, including The Rain (Supa Dupa Fly), Hot Boyz, Get Ur Freak On, One Minute Man, Work It and more.

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