Spice denies being at odds with Vybz Kartel

“It’s just music” is the response from deejay Spice about the rumours circulating that she and fellow deejay Vybz Kartel are not on good terms.

Rumours have circulated that the two are at odds since the release of Spice’s counteraction to one of Kartel’s songs titled Chattie Back. The song is in response to Kartel and Sheba’s Gal A Whe Mi Do Yuh? (Do Mi Dat), in which Sheba made mentionof Kartel’s supposed ‘romantically’ involvement with Spice. After Chattie Back was released, rumours began circulating that Kartel was not pleased about the song and the two are no longer on speaking terms.


musical ‘war’

When contacted by THE STAR, Spice, in a statement sent via her publicist Kavelle Christie said, “as far as I know, Kartel and I don’t have a beef going on. My counteraction is just a musical one, even though I haven’t spoken to him in a while ’cause I’m so busy with my album. I have no idea what he thinks about the song.”

However, when Vybz Kartel was contacted by THE STAR, he had no comment to give about the ‘beef’.

The musical ‘war’ started after Gal A Whe Mi Do Yuh? (Do Mi Dat), in which Sheba plays the role of an angry girlfriend who seeks revenge on Kartel, accusing him in the song by saying: “Mi have a strong feeling say yuh touch Spice.” In the song Kartel responds, “Me and Spice ting, ah fren sum’n.”

In Spice’s song, however, she adamantly confirms that Kartel has tried to get involved with her, making reference to text messages she has as proof. She deejays, “Everyting yuh do me, mi ah go chattie back. Yuh did a look mi, yuh cyaan say a lie dat.”

Getting more personal, Spice makes reference to the father of her son saying, “is a lucky ting mi neva deh wid you, and yuh neva get di Indian ting caw yuh a beg me fi lef di baby fadda mek me and you married and ting.”

raised questions

Late last year, the two made headlines and raised public scrutiny with their raunchy collaboration Rampin’ Shop. Promotional pictures with a semi-nude Spice in bed with Kartel, which were released as well, also raised questions about their relationship. The two have been adamant that they are just friends.

When asked if the two will be doing work in the future, Spice responded, “Rampin’ Shop is our biggest hit to date, so obviously we make a great team. So of course I would do another song with him; a mi DJ. When I travel the world that’s the first thing people ask for – another hit, so I’m willing. But as for my song, Kartel know seh a so di music ting go; a him mi a learn from.”

Spice is currently working on releasing her debut album, and recently completed shooting the video for Fluffy vs Slim, featuring Pamputae.

Source: JamaicaStar