Spragga claims that … COPS SHOT UP HIS SON'S MEMORIAL

What was to be a memorial for the life of deejay Spragga Benz’s son, Carlton Grant, who was fatally shot one year ago, quickly turned into chaos as gunshots reportedly rang out at the event in the wee-hours of yesterday morning.

In the aftermath of the shooting, residents of central Kingston are blaming the police for the violent end to the memorial.

“A eediat thing dat. Di yute dead an wi a have a likkle ting fi him… . Not even dat wi can do in peace?” questioned Shirley, a 24-year-old resident of Central Kingston.

Family members, friends and supporters of the the deejay and his deceased son gathered near the corner of Law and Hanover streets in memory of the youth who died under questionable circumstances on August 23, last year.

THE STAR heard about 2:30 a.m., a police team came on the scene and ordered that the music be turned off citing a 2 a.m. lock-off time.

In a matter of moments, however, all hell broke loose.

“Mi a easy an see di police dem drive up… . An dem seh is afta 2 o’ clock so di party mus done,” Spragga Benz told THE STAR. “Mi go tell di selecta seh a it dat and all of a sudden a pure gunshot. People start run up and down, stampede and people all get step up pan an ting.”

Spragga admitted the people became irate and voiced their anger after realising the party was ended.

people vex

“Yea di people dem did vex seh di music lock off but nobody neva trouble dem,” he said.

Asked of his feelings about the incident, Spragga replied: “A victimisation dat. Mi deh a party uptown an si people cuss police cause dem lock off party and nuttin neva happen like dat… . A jus tru a ghetto… . Who woulda si five or six police jeep and trouble dem? Weh di whole heap a gunshot fah?

The deejay, born Carlton Grant, says the alleged actions is an indication that there some grievance stemming from the death of his son. “Not even dat mi can do… . Mi cyaa show some respect fi mi loved one?” he questioned.

The Kingston Central police say they have no reports of shooting and subsequent checks with the Constabulary Communication Network found no reports either.

When contacted yesterday, Jamaica Labour Party councillor for the Rae Town division, Rosalie Hamilton told THE STAR that she had heard of the incident.

She, however, noted she heard the police were first attacked. “I heard of it but I heard that the people threw bottles at them,” she said.

Meanwhile, the three cops charged in connection with Grant’s death will return to court on December 16.

It is alleged that on August 23, Grant and another man were riding a bicycle downtown Kingston, when they were stopped by police. Grant, 17, allegedly pulled a gun and fired shots and the police returned the fire. He was shot dead.

Source: JamaicaStar