Stacious vents her frustration with "Tired"

Dancehall artiste Stacious seems to have hit the right chord with her latest single, Tired. The song which speaks about her frustration with the industry, has been getting positive feeback since it was serviced to radio, and its acompanying music video released to music video outlets.

“Mi just tired of working so hard and not seeing it pay off. I have been voicing on a lot of rhythms and when the rhythms play on the radio, you don’t hear your song played. Is like I know I can do it. If I got the opportunities, I would be way better than I am right now,” Stacious said in a recent interview.

Born Stacey Scarlett, the twenty-something year-old deejay scored two charted singles last year, namely Falling Down for producer John John and Goodaz Clap for Ward 21.

Musically for 2009, Stacious says she wants to get an album deal and put out an album.

Source: JamaicaObserver