Tami Chynn on top of her game in new music video

Following her recently concluded tour with New Kids On The Block, Tami Chynn is at it again. This time she is teaming up with hip-hop artiste Akon in the video for his new single, ‘I’m So Paid’, which also features rappers Lil’ Wayne and Young Jeezy.

In I’m So Paid, Chynn stars as a mob boss and is shown on a yacht in Miami, Florida. The video was released on October 30.

“Oh wow, the video shoot was amazing. It lasted an entire day – the video is fantastic and it was just so great working with Akon. He is such a wonderful person,” Chynn told The STAR.

Expects the video to do extremely well

The music video, directed by Gil Green, begins with Akon boarding the yacht from a helicopter, giving the female dealer (Chynn) a chunk of diamond and a diamond necklace in exchange for a briefcase filled with cash.

As Akon and another woman leave, Chynn discovers the jewellery is gone and instructs her assistants to get them.

Akon and the woman escape by boat and car. As Akon parks the car, he gives the money to the girl in exchange for the diamond. The girl later discovers that the money is counterfeit.

Chynn says she expects the video to do extremely well.

See clips of the video

“Well, the video is great. I mean wow, they made a movie trailer from it, so whenever someone goes to see the new James Bond movie, Quantum Of Solace, they will see clips of the video,” Chynn pointed out.

“The reviews here are great. I am glad I was part of it because I have been getting so much recognition. Everywhere I go now people know me and it’s just wonderful,” she added.

Chynn is also busy promoting her new album.

“Well, I am gonna spend the Christmas promoting my Prima Donna album,” she said. “I want to roll in the new year with a bang.”

Source: JamaicaStar