Tarrus Riley to 'Start Anew'

Musician Tarrus Riley is on more than just a musical mission for the New Year as the artiste is planning on launching a non-violence campaign.

Apart from bringing good music to the people, Riley is expanding his message to help stem violence in all forms. He told THE STAR: “Mi done have a voice already and want to open up the people’s eyes that violence of any form is still violence. Mi caan always a sing about Jah and religion, but have to sing about stopping things that will make us into a better country. I have to use my voice to shed some light. This is what music is for.”

Riley’s ‘Start Anew’ campaign is still in the planning stages, but so far, Riley’s camp is working under the umbrella of the National Peace Campaign, which runs from February 4 – March 10, 2009. The ‘Start Anew’ campaign will focus on adolescents and target violence-prone schools in Kingston, Clarendon and Montego Bay.

Domestic violence

Riley shed light on violence through his new single Start Anew, a song that tackles the prevalent issue of domestic violence. The video for the song was filmed recently in Kingston and features Miss Jamaica 2007 Yendi Phillipps in the lead. The video shows Phillipps trapped in an abusive relationship.

According to Riley, Start Anew is gaining momentum in the streets.

“The song is just from reality. Mi listen to the chords and that’s what came to mind. It’s things we see every day. We nah hide from it. We planning to campaign against the violence for the New Year, violence in all forms against children, women, man against man. We always talk ’bout the issues from She’s Royal where we try to big up the women’s self-esteem,” Riley commented.

Under the campaign, Riley will give talks at violence-prone schools. There will also be an entertainer’s forum and a variety of competitions. Riley plans to invite other artistes to perform, talk and become a part of the cause. So far, he says, he has been getting support from artistes and Phillipps.

Outside of his campaign, Riley has been busy working, touring and compiling his third album, set for release in 2009. He says: “The album wicked man! It’s gonna be great.” Currently, Riley has a new song out called Cold Kisses, Human Nature and another song with Alaine, soon to be released on the Don Corleon label.

‘Mi done have a voice already and want to open up the people’s eyes that violence of any form is still violence.’

Source: JamaicaStar