The Game is '80%' Done With New Album, Working With Dre Again

The Game

The Game is approximately 80 percent done with his third solo album, LAX, his camp told MTV recently.

And it’s official, the Compton, California rapper is back in the studio with Dr. Dre as well.

According to Game’s DJ, Nu Jerzey Devil, Dre has given the rapper some beats, however, it’s not clear if he’s used them yet.

“[Dr. Dre] dropped some stuff off,” Nu Jerzey Devil told MTV. “But I’m not sure if Game did anything to them yet.”

Apparently, the rapper has been hard at work on what is said to be his last album. Nu Jerzey Devil says Game has been back and forth between Los Angeles and Miami working with the likes of Scott Storch and Cool & Dre thus far, among other producers.

It’s also been confirmed that he and his estranged brother, Big Fase, have made amends, putting their family beef behind them.

But as far as retirement talk, that seems to be the plan for Game, who has his sights set on sitting behind the desk after LAX.

“He’s fed up with all the BS,” Devil said. “Unless something tremendous happens with this album, he’ll probably fall back and play the executive role. But this album is sounding better than his first two. He’s at his peak. I’mma do everything in my power to keep him going. I think everything will be good.”

Until his album drops, Game will keep the streets fed with mixtapes of course. His next mixtape is tentatively titled Am I My Brother’s Keeper and is expected to his the streets some time before his album drops.

Source: Ballerstatus


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