Trina Involved In Belize Car Accident, Two Children Injured

Miami rapper Trina was involved in a car accident in Belize Friday, July 25.

According to 7 News Belize, a Ford Excursion carrying Trina and her boyfriend, NBA basketball player Kenyon Martin, was involved in a head-on collision with a van carrying two children.

The two children, Johnny Abraham (12) and Delane Abraham (9), suffered injuries which were not revealed.

Trina and Martin did not suffer any injuries but their driver suffered minor injuries.

Witnesses claim that the Excursion was being lead by a police motorcade which was overtaking other cars on a busy narrow road.

“As we were coming down from the airport trailing behind the vehicles we see the white car that Trina and Kenyon Martin were traveling in was cutting across and the same time a green van came and they hit each other and they went straight across and one of the children nearly came out of the vehicle because of the impact,” said Raymond Marin, a witness. “It was very very hard and horrifying and hmmm, I still left stunned right now.”

Trina and Martin are in town for a peace rally/basketball tournament which takes place today (July 26)