Twin of Twins to release Stir It Up Vol.9 in animated format

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Platinum Camp Records in association with Twin of Twins (Kingston13) and Black Roses Entertainment have collaborated to present a never done before in the history of the Caribbean deal, the release of ‘STIR IT UP series Vol 9? in an animated (cartoon) format, followed by the production and development of a thirty minutes animated sitcom for television based on the characters made famous by the Twins, and is set to be aired for a season.

The C.E.O of Platinum Camp, Daddy Bigg$ was quoted, “It’s a ‘first of its kind’ deal, which is structured for a multiple of years,” over which the entire Caribbean will be entertained by the fabulous, and hilarious antics of the Twins. You will have to set your alarms, and stop whatever you’re doing to run to your television sets once per week for about thirty minutes in order not to miss the funniest animated sitcom of all time.

Twin of Twins have also signed on for the movie ‘GANGSTERS’ wherein the twins will play major roles, one as a merciless gangster while the other plays the role of a degenerate, hence the hint of comedy in this otherwise hardcore movie. Are you ready for more good news? Twin of Twins are in the process of recording another album titled ‘Twinness Book of Records’ in which they collaborate with several different artists including Damien Marley on a track titled ‘Gangsters and Pimps’ (which will be one of the soundtracks for the movie GANGSTERS) and with Vegas, track titled ‘Tight Like Glue’ with more to come. This album is a compilation of old and new records with songs like, ‘Bait Me Up’, ‘Which Dudus Them A Talk Bout’, ‘When Di Gal Dem Du Dem Ting’, and ‘How Come’ by the Twins.

Longtime twins manager Henry k. who helped structure the deal says ” we have been offered deals before but platinum camp came to the table with the right combination of creative freedom and financial backing. Platinum Camp has the vision of creating a multi-media empire combining film, music, and digital media that is consistent with our vision and what we have been building”.


Source: Platinum Camp Production

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