Usain Bolt 6 World Records Heading in Rio 2016?

Usain Bolt – 6 World Records in 100m (9.72, 9.69, 9.58), 200m (19.30 19.19), 4x100m relay (37.10)

Since 2008, Usain Bolt has broken 7 world records, breaking the 100m and 200m records three and two times respectively, and with the help from his fellow Jamaican teammates, also set a new world record in the 4x100m relay in Beijing. In just a year, he’s established himself as one of the greatest sprinters in history. Here are his 6 world record races provided to you by CBS Sports, NBC Olympics, and Universal Sports.

2008 Reebok Grand Prix

100m Final: 9.72

2008 Beijing Olympics

100m Final: 9.69
200m Final: 19.30
4x100m Relay Final: 37.10

2009 IAAF World Championships

100m Final: 9.58
200m Final: 19.19

He also has a “World’s Best” record for the 150m that he set in Manchester, but this is considered more of an exhibition event.

4x100m world record is 36.84s. Bolt has made 7 world records.


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