UTech: Illusion jams on past midnight point

The sound system was muted at 11:19 p.m., after the noticeable presence of several police officers. One could hear a pin drop within the next five minutes and then suddenly, the sound system sprang back to life with the volume turned down.

Queries about the Noise Abatement Act began rolling off the tongues of several patrons at UTech’s Final Fête – Illusion, staged last Friday at the Students’ Activity Centre. The early lock-off was only delusional, and the volume crept back up to a high level as soon as it was assumed that the police were not in earshot of the music.

A hot mess

With everything settled, the selectors from Young Veteran resumed, making a mess of things behind the turntables. Their inconsistency in the selection of songs and beats was far too obvious to ignore and THE STAR team even heard a few ghastly comments from patrons regarding same.

The women made up most of the crowd at the venue as many made use of the ‘ladies free before midnight’ offer. It was no illusion or delusion that they were sexy, as many sported skin-hugging attire that defined the curves of their bodies. A few made their way to the Idle Tribe picture booth, while others ‘flossed’ in the VIP area, courtesy of Ragga Media.

The partying really began at 12:30 a.m., after Coppershot introduced themselves with Richie Spice’s Earth A Run Red dub. The crowd was growing and so were the vibes and energy. Sizzla’s Nah Apologise triggered a few gun fingers, and Baby Cham was quick to declare Hands off Ma Property.

Snoop Dog seduced the ladies, and soon Busy signalled them Pon Di Edge. A gyrating segment followed as the selectors skilfully fused the hip hop and dancehall genres. An anti-oral-sex song by Vybz Kartel had the thugs ‘bussing a few blanks.’ Sizzla’s No No No Way and Mavado and Busy’s Full Clip changed the atmosphere of the party, however, it was a Vybz Kartel Money Fi Spend dub that had the patrons going wild. While Erup was ‘clicking his fingers,’ Assassin was asking A Coulda Wha Duh Dem Guy Deh?

Subtle start

With the party still in full swing, Darkside took over at 1:35 a.m. and started on a subtle note, which dampened the energy level. They soon found favour with the patrons as they received countless forwards to Bounty Killer’s Fren Fish and Elephant Man’s Gully Creepa. All Aidonia selections received rave responses from the crowd and when the Chiny K Rhythm thumped from the speakers, the patrons went berserk.

DJ Wayne took over at 2 a.m. asserting through Mavado that he was a Money Changer. However, his stint was through in the blink of an eye and by 2:08 a.m. ZJ Liquid was in charge.

Liquid grooved it R&B style before ‘getting mad’, as he pushed the party to a climax.

For an event that started out slowly, UTech’s Final Fête blossomed into a decent session, electrifying the patrons as it spiralled to a climax.