War of words between Buju, Junior Reid?

It was not a pleasant sight for onlookers who witnessed a confrontation between Buju Banton and Junior Reid at the Best of the Best show held in Miami on Sunday, May 25.

Both entertainers and their respective management teams are tight-lipped about the backstage confrontation.

When contacted, Jarrett, a member of Junior Reid’s management team said, “I cannot confirm anything about anything.” He said he would first have to speak with Mr Reid. However, when THE STAR called back, his phone rang without an answer.

In the meantime, eyewitnesses have leaked their versions of what they say transpired.

According to one source, it seemed as if the two (Buju Banton and Junior Reid) had been carrying some ill feelings from before.

Different version

Both Junior Reid and Buju Banton were backstage when Buju apparently tried to ‘hail’ Reid. Reid, however, shrugged Buju off, saying, “mi nuh want nuh hail from nuh byman…Buju yuh a hypocrite.”

It was at this point that they got into a tussle and a crowd converged to keep the two apart.

However, another source who was also at the event, gave a slightly different version.

“Dem (Buju and Reid) did a argue literally, is like dem start throw word an di whole ting cause a big confrontation, but it neva get too physical,” the source said.

“Is like afta di whole ting Buju start pull him button dem, cause him shirt did button up to him neck, an is like him did a try fi relax and regain him composure,” the source who was a patron at the event said.

When contacted, Joey Budefuco, promoter of the Best of the Best show said he was not aware of any incident backstage involving Junior Reid and Buju Banton.

The Best of the Best show also featured Beenie Man, Sizzla and Assassin.

Source: JamaicaStar


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