War starts again – Members of Alliance, Empire trade lyrical shots

Last year’s Sting has come and gone and saw Mavado and Vybz Kartel squaring off. But now, various members from the rivalling groups (Alliance and Portmore Empire) have voiced songs attacking each other.

The latest song that has sparked much discussion since its release last week is Vybz Kartel’s When Since on Foxx’s ‘Life After Death’ rhythm.


In the very explicit song, Vybz Kartel holds nothing back as he attacks Mavado, Wayne Marshall, Bling Dawg and Bounty Killer. He even goes as far as to stating that at least two of the members of the Alliance participate in oral sex.

Already one of the Alliance’s members, Bling Dawg, has responded to When Since, saying that Vybz Kartel is hooked on ecstasy. In his song, he said: “You a di worse deejay ’cause yuh a repeat rhyme/ mediocre arguments caan phase elite line/ your style beneath mine.”

Alliance leader Bounty Killer, however, said his crew members will not be spending time answering the disses from the Portmore Empire.

“Kartel a carry belly fi DASECA ’cause him cannot voice fi dem. Alliance nah answer nobody right yah now. Him (Kartel) a try create a likkle animosity. A nuh every time somebody seh ‘A’ we ago answer,” Bounty Killer told THE WEEKEND STAR.

lyrical confrontation

Adding: “Certain time we nah inna certain mind frame fi certain foolishness. Mi tell Mavado seh low it (the lyrical confrontation), yuh see how long Mavado nuh do no gun song? Him sing Again and Again, den him sing High Unda.”

And although, Bounty Killer does not have a song dissing the Portmore Empire, he had more to say.

“From a guy ago sing and tell my friend (in reference to Mavado) about him madda, me ago tek it personal … a bare sucking, sucking, sucking him (Kartel) a sing bout because he is a freak,” Bounty Killer said.

Bounty Killer said Vybz Kartel was hurt by his comments in a previous interview with THE STAR, and did the song When Since as a result.

“Yuh sing bout Last Man Standing and we tek it, suh wah jump up inna him now? A di interview weh mi do and seh Mavado always three points ahead of him … a dat hurt him. Mi know it hurt yuh dat Mavado is bigger than you, but hush,” Bounty Killer said.

In addition to Kartel’s lyrical assault, another Empire member, Lisa Hype, recently did a song, Dat Dem Gone To, in which she made reference to DASECA. The Alliance affiliated group’s sexuality is questioned in the song when she deejays: “Ah straight people mi roll wid/That’s why mi link Don (Corleon) and not DASECA.”

When THE STAR spoke to Lisa Hype she said that there is another song on the way for the Alliance called Click Click Boom.

“I have a song in the making. They have song playing with me in. Me a di Teacha (Vybz Kartel) daughter and mi a nuh softers. Mi haffi mek dem know seh mi have the talent fi kill even a man,” Lisa Hype said.

The song she is referring to is one done by Alliance’s Hitman. In the song he said: “Lisa, yuh a woman or man?/ Mi nuh see no — inna Kartel hand/ Everybody rate Addi/ Nobody nuh rate you/ How yuh fi diss my production crew?”

But Lisa Hype and Vybz Kartel are not the only ones voicing songs. Portmore Empire’s Popcaan and Blak Ryno have also voiced songs as part of attack.

Blak Ryno’s song is Drive Thru Price while Popcaan did Roll Out and Bun Dem Skin.

Bounty Killer in his interview with THE STAR had quite a lot to say, especially about Blak Ryno.

“All di likkle one weh name Blak Ryno, guh call my name inna song, any weh him sing dat again, a box out teeth a gwaan. How him a guh talk seh Killa nuh buss nobody … a who yuh fadda (Kartel) sey buss him? Di way how dem yute yah ungrateful dem cyan speak truth … bout him a stinga, him a sting wid tongue. We have sum’n weh wi really sting,” Bounty Killer said.

Source: JamaicaStar