Warrant out for Scratchy B's arrest

Popular dancehall selector Scratchy B, whose real name is Brian Clarke, is now being sought by the police for questioning about a reported domestic dispute between himself and a woman claiming to be his babymother, Ann Marie Adams.

According to the Waterford police, Adams had reported an incident of abuse on Sunday, January 13, the same day on which it allegedly occurred.

“She (Adams) went to their house and caught him (Scratchy B) with another woman and he apparently hit her in the face,” a constable attached to the Waterford Police Station told THE STAR.


The investigating officer for the case, Constable Stephenson, says, “A warrant is now out for his (Scratchy B’s) arrest for assault, O.B. (occasioning bodily) harm and unlawful wounding.”

The officer also added, “No arrests have been made so far, and we understand that he (Scratchy B) was off the island for a show last week.”

However, when contacted, Scratchy B said he was not aware that the police were looking for him.

“Mi nuh know ’bout dat, an mi nuh know ’bout no incident (the alleged domestic dispute between himself and his babymother). A today dem bruk inna mi car an’ mi deh a station. Mi nuh inna di bag a careless ting, mi nuh know wah dem deh pon,” Scratchy said.

Adams, who says she is the mother of two of Scratchy B’s children (twins, age three years) confirms the police report. She says she has lived with the famed selector for more than five years.

Scratchy B, who is the head of the local Sound System, Cash Money, says however, “Mi nuh know ’bout dat, mi nuh have nuh babymother out yah (Jamaica).”