Wayne Marshall & Vybz Kartel end malice

Despite the insults levied at him and being at odds for years, Wayne Marshall says he and Vybz Kartel have put their differences aside to set an example.

Speaking with THE WEEKEND STAR yesterday, Wayne Marshall says he is now on speaking terms with Vybz Kartel.

wayne marshall“We good. We put our differences behind us so whatever matters allowed our friendship to wither, we kinda drop all of that and we are being diplomatic about our linkage,” he said, noting that the reunion took place about a month ago.

“It’s not like we are chummy. Our relationship precedes success. So it’s kinda like remembering where we are coming from as friends.”

Marshall and Vybz Kartel have not been on good terms since Vybz Kartel left the Bounty Killer-led Alliance. After the split, Marshall was insulted in Vybz Kartel songs like A Wah Do Dem and Seh Weh Yuh Feel Fi Seh in 2008 and When Since in 2009.

However, Marshall says he believes that the reunion might not be understood by outside parties.

“It is a very touchy issue. There are glitches in there. On both sides of the fence you still have people who won’t understand why. Mi nuh really talk to nobody (from Alliance) bout it but at the end of the day, I have to be responsible for my affairs,” Marshall told THE WEEKEND STAR.

“Me and Kartel a go far back. A nuh nutten if we decide fi put big man things over likkle boy things. Mi nuh waan my son come up and see mi inna war. We have to keep it civil.”

As he suspected, the reunion might not be going down well with all members of the Alliance. A source close to the Alliance said some members are not pleased with when and how they found out about the reunion.

“Marshall is the devil because all along you have the war going on with Mavado and Vybz Kartel and Kartel been saying all kind of things about him. All of a sudden yuh hear seh him and Kartel a friend from dem time deh. Is like Marshall a go round di singer and still a par wid Addi,” the source told THE WEEKEND STAR.

Adding: “Man weh do dem sup’m deh can’t be trusted. Di yute dem a seh Marshall a boatie. Marshall a one Judas, him a boatie. There is no way him can friend wid di devil and par round God disciple.”

vybz kartelexample of peace

Nonetheless, Marshall is urging others to follow the example of peace that was set by Bounty Killer and Beenie Man recently after years of rivalry.

“We a urge everybody fi drop di ting and keep the unity for the sake of the music and the fans. Peace wi seh! Kudos to Beenie Man and Bounty for their unity. It good fi know dat dem can drop everything and level the vibes. We as role model are responsible for setting examples,” he said.

As for another collaboration with Vybz Kartel, Marshall said, “that’s beyond my fortune telling abilities, but who knows.”

In the meantime, the artiste says his song My Heart has been growing in popularity. And as part of the movement, he says he will be doing promotional tours in Canada and the United Kingdom. In addition, he said he has been doing work with Stephen McGregor, Junior Gong and Baby G.

Source: JamaicaStar