Who is Resonance Musiq?

Resonance Musiq was founded by Richard Barnes & Joel Brown. The Duo started making beats while at the University of the West Indies in 2005. Their first major production was the acoustic melody riddim featuring the song “Missing You” by Barbee and Junior Kelly.

The name “Resonance” came about when Richard decided to form a movement that would expand and cover the globe instead of just Joel and himself making beats. The idea is based on ‘mustard seed faith’ having a small gift and using it to move mountains, whether it be social injustice, low self esteem, poverty, war… “as a movement with GOD as the head we can express healing to the world’.

Resonance Musiq seeks to take a message of righteousness, uplifting and good music firstly to our beloved country Jamaica then to the world.

Richard’s deep Christian roots caused him to be moved with compassion when he started working in the inner city communities of St.James, he then wrote he song “Heal the Children” in a hope to express the cries he encountered on a daily basis. The song seeks to create an awareness of many of the struggles our youth today are facing. Its sung by Richard and features renowned Guitarist Fitzroy Bennett and Highly respected Drummer Squidly Cole.

Resonance Musiq is currently working on the “The Resonance Project(TRP)” alongside Co-Founders Cufflinx Productions, APS.Columbian & Washroom productions.

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