Young Buck Makes Moves W/Out 50 Cent

Young Buck

Young Buck Makes Moves W/Out 50 Cent, “I Wanted A Separate Sound & Feel From G-Unit”

After being out of the spotlight for a minute, Tennessee’s favorite son Young Buck is back on his grind. SOHH caught up with Buck as he explained where he’s been, his seemingly distant relationship with 50 Cent and his new power moves.

With a new label, Cashville Records, a new look – he’s cut off his trademark braids – and a new album ready to drop, Buck says that he’s been patiently waiting for his turn.

“I just basically been touring, promoting my last project and getting ready for the release of my new album, Product Of The South,” Buck told SOHH. “Buck is in a good place. A lot of people want to see me succeed and that’s why I created my own brand, Cashville Records. I’m just stepping up to the executive bracket. I’m still a part of G-Unit, 50 is still my boss when I’m doing G-Unit and I’m my boss over here. I’m trying to establish me and just getting to my money.”

The new album, which is slated to hit stores on April 1, will feature guest appearances by Young Jeezy, Plies, Devin The Dude and Brotha Lynch Hung with production by Hi-Tek, Drumma Boy and Sha Money XL. The album will be released on the rapper’s own label and, according to Buck, will be a totally different regime and sound than his previous work with G-Unit.

“It’s a totally new feel to the music,” he said. “I can definitely tell you it’s gonna be all fresh sounds. I’m working with new producers. I wanted a separate sound and feel from G-Unit. I mean, how could it be a new label if I went with the same stuff as ya’ll used to hearing from G-Unit?”

With the rapper noticeably missing from overseas tour dates with the Unit, people have speculated on his relationship with G-Unit boss 50 Cent. Buck says that while the relationship has changed, he wouldn’t call it beef.

“I wouldn’t say that the relationship has deteriorated, ” he explained. “At the end of the day, I been over here getting money and establishing me. My relationship with 50, it is what it is. 50’s becoming bigger by the day.”

“We don’t communicate as much as we used to, but that’s cool because I’m not the type of artist that’s gonna wait for the CEO to make a move for me,” he continued. “I respect 50 to the utmost. Even though at times to the world it seems like 50 ain’t down with me, I still stay loyal to the n*gga because he put me in this position. It’s just he’s more focused on 50 more than anybody. Everybody wonders, what’s up with Buck and Fif? He’s a business man. He gets the final word and makes the [business] decisions for G-Unit. Anything outside of that, you gotta ask 50 about.”

Rumors of beef aside, Buck says that he’s focusing on the music, with another G-Unit group album in the works but says that no release date has been set as of yet. His ties with the G-Unit camp are apparently still as in tact as ever, as Buck will also be making an appearance at Sha Money XL’s One Stop Shop producer’s conference on March 8-9 in Phoenix, AZ.

The conference is set to be an outlet for up and comers and a platform for hip-hop’s next generation of beat makers to get advice from the big boys. In addition to that, he’s laying the foundation for his Cashville Records to be a success and says that he’s even willing to work with 50’s former adversaries, even long time Fiddy rival The Game.

“My label is Cashville, not G-Unit,” Buck said. “We’ll see who chooses to holler and if it’s a positive move that’s going to benefit the label and my artists, then we’ll work it out. It’s a whole new year, there’s new money to go get.”

A lot of those situations [between 50 and other artists] were obviously not my situations,” he added. “I’m open to those that are open to me. I ain’t trippin’ if [Game] ain’t trippin’. I ain’t trippin’ if the world ain’t trippin’. I’m in a lane where I got other people’s lives to think about too now. This is a fresh Buck.”

And though he says that he feels that Interscope could have done more to market and promote his last album Buck The World, he says that nothing will stop this newest disc from reaching the heights that it’s supposed to.

“This record is ghetto gospel, reality rap that identifies with the people still in the struggle,” he said. “I’m bringing that feeling back to the game. I’m still gonna make those club, party, feel good songs but look how high these gas prices are. People need to get back to talking about something on these records. As long as there’s a mixtape scene or an internet, my presence will always be felt. Buck ain’t going nowhere.”

Product Of The South will hit stores on April 1 on Cashville/Sony.

Source: Sohh