Young Jeezy Brings Lil Kim, Fabolous Onstage At NYC Show

New York—Brooklyn was definitely in the building.

Young Jeezy performed at the Blender Theater in Manhattan last night and the out of towner treated the Big Apple crowd to a treat.

Da Snowman welcomed Fabolous (”Breathe”) and Maino (”Hi Hater”) on stage to perform with him. But the capacity crowd really went crazy when Jeezy asked them to put their lighters up and out from backstage came Lil Kim.

The pint-sized rapper–in revealing lingerie-like pants–stormed on stage to perform her hit, “Lighters Up.”

“I heard if you don’t bring muf**kas out in New York, you ain’t shit,” Jeezy told the audience. “But I’m from Atlanta muf**kin’ Georgia. I’m leaving out here with a happy look on my face anyway.”

Jeezy may have shared the stage for a few minutes with BK’s finest, but the trap star isn’t one to give up his hustle to anyone.

The rapper ran through an array of hits throughout his hour plus set. He bursted out to start the show with a bevy of mixtape material. From the “I’m So Hood” remix to “J.E.E.Z.Y.,” then he transitioned to his first album, Thug Motivation 101: Let’s Get It.

When Jeezy began his verse to the “Umma Do Me” remix, a scuffle broke out in the crowd. The outburst put a smile on Jeezy’s face and he moved to the center of the stage to get a better look. The CTE boss never stopped his flow and the men fighting quickly turned their attention back to the rapper.

Before Jeezy left, he made sure to let everyone know what he thinks about Barack Obama. The rapper has spoken at length about the Democratic Presidential nominee in interviews recently. Last night, was no different.

“In my book, it’s Tupac, then Barack Obama,” Jeezy shouted.

He then launched into “My President,” from his upcoming album, The Recession.

“F**k Bush, nigga,” he continued. “Yeah, I said it.”—

Source: XXLmag