50 Cent Explains Plans After Terminate On Sight

With recent hype from celebrity print and online magazines about his weight loss, it’s safe to assume that 50 Cent is both quite busy, and likely preparing for another film role. Talking to HipHopDX late last week about his upcoming 2008 plans, the G-Unit front-man explained what he’ll be doing after the July 1 release of the group’s second album, Terminate On Sight.

“We’ve got this record, then I go on tour,” started 50. “While I’m touring, I’ve still got to use that time to condition myself properly for a role I play in a film. When I get back, I’ve got one day off, I go on the movie set. While I’m on the movie set, I have a trailer coming for me to actually record.”

The Queens-born superstar touched on the value of multi-tasking, “It’s always more than one thing that I actually have to focus on at a time. At the end of the end, it gets really hectic, because [it’s a launch] for the majority of things that we’re working on start to come out – in the fourth quarter. That’s when people start acquiring things. The video game, Bulletproof, will be out around Christmas. The movie Righteous Kill with Al Pacino and Robert DeNiro will be out in the fourth quarter.”

With the fourth quarter, said to now include what many question to be 50 Cent’s final album with Interscope, the star said that he will begin the huge Vitamin Water campaign. “Carrie Underwood, and multiple professional athletes [are] involved,” he said, after pictures from the photo shoot appeared in Star magazine. “I’ve also got a body spray, Pure 50, by Right Guard. I’ve got a regular fragrance. I’ve got the Magic Stick condom, powered by Lifestyle.” 50 Cent will thus join Lil Wayne in backing a contraceptive.

The recording is said to be for Before I Self-Destruct, a worthwhile name for the restless superstar.