About DJ Kevin Crown

KEVIN CROWN Born in Flatbush & raised in Brownsville, two cities in the heart & soul of Brooklyn, New York’s burgeoning Caribbean community, DJ Kevin Crown aka the “Natural Born Club Killa” channels his hood, his roots and his culture with his powerful voice, swift moves and acute ambition. Kevin Crown’s future as a DJ was realized at the age of eight when his father brought home 2 records: Run DMC & Michael Jackson. From the moment he put the vinyl on the turntables, he began his journey to becoming one of NYC’s hottest DJ’s known for mixing Dancehall reggae with Hip Hop and R&B.

DJ Kevin Crown

From making his own mixtapes at the age of 12 to DJ’ing on college radio when he was only 16, Kevin Crown’s first love has always been music. In late 2008, David “Squeeze” Annakie, CEO of LinkUp Media, asked Kevin to play at a Rock with Squeeze event. After playing a short set during a fashion segment, Squeeze was so impressed by Kevin’s unique sound that he asked him to DJ at every Rock with Squeeze event and shortly thereafter invited him to do his own set on LinkUp Radio. In addition, Kevin Crown is also an accomplished dancer and famous for hosting the “How Fi Dance Reggae” instructional DVD’s.

Kevin Crown recently released his 2-part mix CD entitled The Future. He launched his website,, started his own iTunes channel, DJ’s at several clubs each week and continues his radio show on LinkUp Radio. As it he didn’t have enough on his plate, his schedule has him traveling the world over to play special engagements in clubs, private parties and corporate events.

Kevin Crown’s determination to excel in everything he does makes him a force to be reckoned with in the music industry. His unique talent to combine the musical styles of soul, Soca, reggae, alternative, hip hop, dance and R&B always leaves the crowd hyped & wanting more, and guarantees the name Kevin Crown will be known across the globe.

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DJ Kevin Crown