ARTIST CALL for Suite Jamaica at Iberostar Hotel

ALL JAMAICAN ARTISTS (visual, literary, performing, culinary), once conditions are met, are being invited to show and offer works at Iberostar all throughout the year. It’s ‘Jamaica GALLEUSEUM-in-the-making’!

At Iberostar Hotel, Rose Hall, MONTEGO BAY, in Jamaica West Indies over 3,000 new guests each week indulge in:
1. Artworks shown and sold at Suite Jamaica, Gallery of Fine Arts
2. ‘Art to Heart’ display of prints and photographs with option to order originals or buy works shown
3. Art Eye Jamaican – monthly exhibitions for exposing artists
4. Specially-designed workshops or demonstrations by visual and performing artists
5. Special opportunity readings by poets, authors; and other slated performances
6. Opportunity is also there for promotion of products and services relating, on conditions applicable
7. Promotions catalogue of Jamaican artists
8. Features on the guests themselves
9. etc

Gallery operator/curator, Anthea McGibbon says the overriding objectives by both hotel and management are a. exposing and selling artworks by Jamaica artists, b. earning funding for projects of OAaSIS Foundation, while c. enabling Jamaican artists to earn from their skills. As a main benefit to the Iberostar hotel, international visitors have a piece of Jamaica to take home without leaving premises, while they learn of Jamaican artists and culture, and indulge in workshops on the Jamaica arts.

She says that since the unofficial opening, guests request services such as sketching, facepainting and actual hands on workshops.

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