Beenie Man Onstage TV Interview 2016

The last time ‘The King of the Dancehall‘ visited Onstage, he was on a campaign against extremist in the physical dancehall space, more specifically ladies striping nude in the dance. Several months have passed since then and King Beenie is singing the same song to a different tune. This time the extremity is towards male dancers taking their antics with female in the dance to a new level. Watch Onstage TV interview with dancehall recording artiste Beenie Man where he discuss this and more with Winford Williams.

In the interview Beenie Man calls Marvin (Puxxy Beast) antics not dancehall but extreme dancehall.

“Wha gwaan now with the dancer, Marvin.. Remember seh him a the man weh lif’ up a girl and fly off a building and landing ina a bar wid a next girl.. its not dancheall.. its extreme dancehall.”

Video: Marvin (Puxxy Beast) Rips Girl Clothes Off

“There’s so many dancers in the dancehall now, you have a next dancer who wants to be extreme, so him can be talked about more than a Ding Dong, a Shelly Belly.. but Marvin is a great dancer so mi nuh understand weh him a do.”

When asked Vybz Kartel naming his album “King of the Dancehall,” this is what he had to say:

“King of the Dancehall is a name, if Kartel wants to name his album… its just a title”

On issues with Mavado:

There’s no hate in my heart for Mavado. Every time mi see Mavado mi see Brian (mi likkle bredda)..

On Popcaan and “Controlla” single:

Popcaan is my friend. Popcaan a mi artiste. Drake call mi and call Blue and seh him need to use “Gyal a tear of mi garments” on a song name “Controlla.”

Beenie also discussed being misquoted in a recent article by Billboard Magazine, his new album “Unstoppable” and more.


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