Bizzle Explains Why He Compares Gays to Pedophiles

Christian rapper Bizzle has been stirring up controversy with his very bold response song to Macklemore’s “Same Love” hit. He spoke from a religious point of view in his version, as he explained his reasons for disagreeing with homosexual attractions. Bizzle made a comparison of gay people to pedophiles, in which he compared the way a gay person might view a pedophile with disgust, to be the same way a person such as himself looks at gay people.

Bizzle believes that if gay people can use the explanation of “I was born this way,” or “I didn’t choose to be like this,” as reasons to defend their sexuality and who they are as individuals, then a pedophile can use the same reasons to explain why they are attracted to children. He also stated that he was in no way trying to support or defend the rights of people with attractions to young children.