Charlamagne on Vybz Kartel & Why People Snitch

Radio and television personality Charlamagne sat down with VladTV and gave his view on the rumor that Vybz Kartel is currently giving up information to Jamaican police to lessen his sentence after being convicted of murder.

Charlamagne isn’t surprised by the news at all, saying most people would like to think they’d never snitch until they are placed in a position of doing some serious time behind bars. He gives the example of a man who has an 8-year-old kid and ends up being sentenced to 50 years. The thought of not seeing your own child until they themselves are a grandparent is daunting enough to make most men snitch.

He then tells a personal story about himself and two others being pulled over, and police finding cocaine in the car. While no one admitted it was theirs in the moment, one of them later confessed and Charlamagne made it clear that if his freedom is ever in jeopardy on someone else’s behalf, he’ll do what he has to do to protect himself.