D’Angel Strikes Back! Good Good

d angelBeenie Man and Bounty Killer have said their bit but an annoyed D’Angel says it is now time for them to stop making her the subject of their diss songs.

D’Angel recently released a song called Good Good for Good Good Production.

She states in the song, “All of a sudden my goods mek two man a war/ And the two man a two mega stars/ Me unu blame, don’t tek it too far/ Mi nuh waan see no chop up or scar/ Don’t mek it happen like Biggie or Tupac Shakur/ Tek mi name out a mix-up a dat mi seh.”

Further in the song, she also declares; “Everyday a Angel Angel Angel inna yuh two mouth.”

The dancehall artiste said she decided to do this song after reaching her breaking point.

“It’s just a feeling that I can’t even explain but something that was getting really annoying,” she said.

tek a stand

She further said; “This is something I’ve been watching and absorbing without saying anything so mi just tek a stand now ’cause it a get extreme. What is joke to you is death to me. Everyday bucket go well, one day the bottom must drop out,” D’Angel told THE STAR.

In a press release sent to THE STAR on Friday, D’Angel explained that “this song is just a call to both parties to let sanity reign. This is the 21st century, men cannot keep disrespecting women and painting them as merely sexual objects. I am a human being, a mother, an artiste, a businesswoman, a daughter and a woman.”

She continued, “there are many different facets but there are certain people in my past who refuse to see me as such, and that is one of the reasons that they no longer play a certain role in my life. I am asking both of them to cease and desist from using my name to score cheap forwards and cheap thrills in the dancehall space, and to respect themselves and just make good music”.

In her interview with THE STAR, D’Angel said Beenie Man and Bounty Killer can be a lot more creative.

“Music is more creative than that and they are two grown men so I think there are other things to talk about than me in such a degrading manner,” she said.

But instead of affecting her negatively, the artiste said, “it just allowed me to be creative”.

In being creative with her new song, D’Angel said the song was not done to diss either of the two artistes.

“I wasn’t disrespecting either party, just taking a stand as a woman,” she said while claiming that she has also empowered fans.

“The response has been overwhelming ’cause my fans have never seen me in this light. My fans are embracing it. They are loving it ’cause it is empowering to them, especially the females,” she told THE STAR.

Moving forward, D’Angel said she will also be taking a more aggressive approach to music. This, she says, means that she will be working much harder. She added that she also has new releases like This Year, Stand Firm and Baddest Angel. In addition, she said the music video for her song Break Free will be released within a week.


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