Fun In The Son Goes Green

Kingston, Jamaica (Blueprint Publicity & Promotions) — Wholesome family entertainment, inspiration and volumes of fun are just some of the things Fun in the Son is synonymous with. However this year, inundated with local and international stars alike, the show has partnered with Protect the Environment Trust, (PET), a non-governmental organization that seeks to improve Jamaica’s environment through the collection of plastic bottles/containers and other non-biodegradable waste material for recycling.

The programme will help to lessen the devastating effects of some forty million plastic bottles that are dumped on to our lands and waterways each month. “Take a look in the supermarkets, almost everything including liquor is being distributed in plastic,” said Del Crooks, Director of PET.

The responsibility of PET at this, the eighth staging of Fun in the Son is simple: collect all plastic bottles and aluminum cans at the venue and deliver them to the PET plant for recycling.

To date, PET has recovered in excess of twenty million plastic bottles and containers from beaches, streets, schools, hotels, bars, restaurants, gyms and more in Kingston & St. Andrew, Portland, St. Mary and Portmore. This partnership with Fun in the Son seeks to expand the enterprise. “Fun in the Son is an established event that targets so many people, the audience we will reach is extensive: both young and old and we’re very excited about that,” said Crooks.

Crooks also drove home the point that plastic only starts to break down approximately 700 years after being disposed, as a result, “Every and any opportunity to partner is important in putting an end to plastic bottles ending up in the garbage. So any mass production of people is ideal to this initiative…The primary focus of the partnership is to try from all avenues available to prevent plastic bottles from ending up in the dumps.”

Fun in the Son will be staged this Saturday on the grounds of Jamaica College, Hope Road with a number of fun-filled activities inside the ‘Kids Village’ for families and kids starting at 10 a.m. In addition to that, the free concert which features artistes ranging from Young Ambassadors – SOP, Ryan Berry, JLee, Kereen Gregory, Trill X, Courtney Cooke, Kingdom SoulJazz and US based Element starts at 2 p.m. and later on eager fans will get the opportunity to listen and worship to the music of international gospel artiste, Kirk Franklin, Jamaica’s own, Papa San, Carlene Davis, DJ Nicholas, Sister Scully, Goddy Goddy, Omari, Jabez, Kimiela Isaacs and more.

Source: Blueprint Publicity & Promotions