Snoop Dogg Renews Wedding Vows With Wife Shante

Snoop Dogg

Snoop Dogg is turning into a good guy in the media. After showing his family side on his new hit E! reality series “Fatherhood,” the rapper has reportedly renewed his wedding vows to his wife Shante.

According to British paper The Mirror, Snoop Dogg recently surprised Shante by secretly arranging a ceremony to renew their vows. Shante thought they were going to a friend’s anniversary party.

“Snoop got up to toast the ‘anniversary couple’ and started talking about his wife. It was so sweet,” a source told the paper.

The couple seems closer than ever, despite almost ending their long marriage in 2004, when Snoop filed for divorce.

“I was going to split up with my wife — my wife wasn’t going to split up with me,” he reportedly said last month, blaming it on his fast lifestyle. “You know, I was caught up with Hollywood, and the girls and the night life.

“I thought I was the man and I was willing to give up what I had at home for that, until I realized that what I had at home was irreplaceable, so I gave that up to go back home,” he continued.

The rapper reportedly said that the thought of another man in his home raising his kid was too much to bear.

“I just don’t want another man raising my kids,” he explained. “That was the main goal. I had kids with my wife because I wanted to be with my wife. And those three babies are all wanted, and I wanted to be with them.”

In related news, Snoop Dogg has enlisted the vocal talents of his friend and star soccer player, David Beckham for his next single, according to British paper The People.

A source told the paper that both celebs have already agreed.

“Snoop thought it’d be a laugh and David is going to give it a real go,” the source said. “They are huge names so the song’s bound to be a hit – even if it’s no good.”

Source: Ballerstatus