Geto Boys’ Bushwick Bill Facing Deportation To Jamaica

Geto Boys rapper Bushwick Bill was in an Atlanta courtroom last week (July 16) for proceedings in an ongoing case where he could face deportation.

According to the ATL’s Creative Loafing, the rapper (real name: Richard Shaw) appeared in Atlanta Immigration Court and is facing deportation to Jamaica, where he was born in 1966 before moving to New York and later Houston.

Bushwic BillSome reports indicate that Bill was arrested and charged with soliciting, but we could not confirm this as of press time.

The rapper rose to fame as a member of the pioneering southern hip-hop trio, the Geto Boys, who have released six albums throughout their careers as a group, and several other solo projects.

The Geto Boys are best known for their 1991 smash hit “Mind Playing Tricks On Me,” off their platinum-selling We Can’t Be Stopped.

Bushwick Bill is most well-known for an accidental shooting in 1991, which resulted in the lost of his right eye. The entire incident is told in detail, by Bill, in a song from his solo debut Little Big Man called “Ever So Clear.” The song’s title references the type of alcohol he was drinking during the night of the incident: Everclear.

While in the hospital, being treated for the gunshot wound, a picture was taken for The Geto Boys’ platinum-selling album, We Can’t Be Stopped. In the picture, the group’s other two members, Willie D and Scarface, are pushing a gurney down a hospital hall, and the bloodied swollen eye can clearly be seen.

Bill’s next day is court was unknown at press time.

Source: BallerStatus