Kiprich Ting Gone Up

Dancehall star Kiprich is quickly gaining traction in the dancehall community once again following the release of a catchy single entitled Gone Up”. The high-energy track has already become a must-play at every major dancehall party because of the excitement it creates when played.

“Is like the girls dem head chip when Gone Up play innna a dance. Di selector dem a race fi play it a night time suh me know it a work. I must say thank you to my team, my fans and whole entertainment fraternity for the support” stated Kiprich.

The lyrically potent deejay who describes himself as a young veteran hitmaker says he has enjoyed his career to the fullest and is still as passionate about the music as when he just started.

“When you love music from your heart you enjoy every step along the journey. I trust in God and good music so i never worry about what else is happening musically or who is doing this or that I just focus my art. I want my fans to know that Kippo have whole heap a bad song fi drop just stay tuned yuh zimmie” stated Kiprich.

Currently, Kiprich is busy promoting his Gone Up single as well recording for several top-flight producers.


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