Lisa Hyper, Face to clash at Settlement

‘The Settlement’, to be held on Saturday, February 13, may see more than one lyrical face-off outside of L.A. Lewis and Mr G (formerly Goofy), as there could very well be one between female deejays Face and Lisa Hyper.

The event, which is being staged by Tommy Thompson, owner of Brite Lite Funeral Services, will take place at Links in St Thomas.


Rumours began circulating on the streets, this week, that a clash between Lisa Hyper and Face could materialise at the Settlement. When THE WEEKEND STAR spoke to Thompson he said, “we don’t want to use the term ‘clash’, but a ‘face-off’ might happen between Face and Lisa Hyper.”

extra casket

He continued, “People waan see the clash, so there’s a possibility we might need an extra casket ’cause the one can’t hold everyone.”

A $200,000 casket, which was originally commissioned by L.A. Lewis for his clash with Mr G at Sting, is supposed to materialise on stage at The Settlement, which is being advertised as the end of the argument between Mr G and L.A. Lewis. The two started trading ‘words’ shortly before Sting, and an agreement was reached to duke it out in exchange for dropping criminal charges filed against Mr G by L.A. Lewis. Now the casket may contain another occupant.

When THE WEEKEND STAR spoke to Face, real name Shanique Wilson, she was more than willing to face-off with Lisa Hyper, who’s real name is Felicia Gooden. Face, a former Digicel Rising Stars contestant, has been gunning for Hyper since Hyper called her name in a song titled Sting Aftermath. In the song, Hyper threw insults at female deejays Spice, Stacious, I-Shawna, Ikaya, Pamputae and Timberlee.

ready to fight

Now Face says she is ready to fight back saying, “mi have nuff chance against her, anytime, anything, anywhere, mi ready.” According to Thompson, he too believes Face can stand her own. Efforts to reach Lisa Hyper were unsuccessful as calls to her phone went unanswered.

As for the L.A. Lewis and Mr G match, everything is going ahead as scheduled.

Source: JamaicaStar