Mavado, Jay Z for Madison Square Garden?

Dancehall artiste Mavado is getting set to make his first ever appearance onstage live with rap mogul Jay Z. The deejay says Jay Z is planning to call him up during an upcoming show in the U.S.

“Him (Jay Z) waan call mi up a Madison Square Garden, a show sometime inna June,” Mavado told THE WEEKEND STAR in an exclusive interview.

Rapper Jay Z, recently heard Mavado’s On The Rock song and immediately fell in love with it and did a remix. Since then, the combination has been creating quite a stir in Jamaica and various parts of the U.S.

A guh hard a foreign

According to Mavado, “it (the remix) a guh hard a foreign…it deh number one inna Trinidad and Europe”.

In the meantime, Mavado says what Jay Z does when performing the song, “is to play my part an do fi him part”.

“Wi hear sey him do one show a Canada wah day an him do di song an it lock down di whole place,” Mavado said.

However, Mavado is keeping his fingers crossed as there remains one major concern. Mavado’s recent visa problems are still looming, and there is the possibility that he might not be allowed to travel to the US But Mavado says he is remaining positive.

“From mi get fi guh it a guh mad, but mi nuh even know wah gwaan wid dat (visa). But mi jus a gwaan watch an si,” Mavado said.

Mavado says since he was denied entry into the US, he has been missing out on shows.

“Around five show mi end up miss already cause a di whole ting, three a New York an bout two inna di small islands. But yuh done know how it guh, man nah too worry dem self, what’s due to Caesar…”

“A whole heap a ting dem know a guh gwaan fi mi an dem a try slow up man ting,” he said.

Great experience

Mavado, however, said it would be a great experience for him if he really got the opportunity to perform with Jay Z.

“Definately it woulda great, ’cause di song itself, it a guh hard. It would be a great feeling, cause rememba sey a Jay Z dat an dem man deh a genius, rap legend dat,” he said.

Mavado also said that plans were in the pipelines for the two of them to team up to make a video for the single.

“Right now di company dem a line up dem self fi get dat (a music video) sort out,” Mavado said.

Mavado is next billed to perform at a stage show at Temple Hall Estate called ‘Rendezvous’ on May 10.

Source: JamaicaStar