Nikki Z Ignores Ishawna Diss

Nikki Z

Dancehall artiste Ishawna has slammed media personality and radio host Nikki Z, labelling her as a hypocrite.

In a recent song, Social Media Hot, which has been labelled as a response to her former fiance’s statements that she was only ‘hot on social media’, Ishawna blasted the radio host, stating that she needs no support from her.

“Big up social media, a it help put me weh me deh/ Me nah look nuh bly nor support from nuh hypocrite like Nikki Z,” Ishawna said in the song.

When contacted, Nikki Z, who had recently interviewed Foota Hype following the comments he made about his ex-beau, stated that she could not pinpoint what exactly prompted Ishawna to write that line.

“I don’t really feel any way. You can’t control people and what they want to do,” Nikki Z told THE STAR.

She added that as far as she is concerned, there is no bad blood between them.

“She’s not on my radar. I’ve been getting quite a few followers from it. So, if anything, thanks, I guess,” Nikki Z said.

According to Nikki Z, Ishawna’s song will not deter her from continuing to support her as an artiste.

“I did an interview with Foota Hype, I didn’t throw any words at her. How I feel about her personally would never play a role in my career. I’ve always played her music and will continue to play her music,” Nikki Z said.

In Social Media Hot, Ishawna also paid tribute to Lord Bounty Killer, who was also involved in a war of words on social media with Foota Hype last week. During the online dispute, Foota stated that Bounty Killer was not a ‘hot artiste’, and even accused him of sleeping with Ishawna.

Bounty Killer denied these claims, telling Foota Hype that he was seeking attention.

Efforts to get a comment from Ishawna proved futile.

via JamaicaStar

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