OAasis Music Workshop Heads To Port Royal All Age School

A team of volunteers from the Scotiabank will join the OAaSIS International network in their thrust to empower the creative mind of youth through its creative workshop series. They follow precedent set by Solid Agency, although not necessarily offering skills from the arts field, and beyond banking.


In January 2010, Christopher Campbell representing Solid Agency’s collaboration with Big Yard, arranged for the participation of four artistes – Cecile, Sophia Brown, Iyah Shine and Christopher Martin. These artistes offered a welcome variation with high interaction of their skills, motivation and lyrics of wisdom to the energetic students, complimenting the fruitful workshop series on that location on the final day.

The next series are to be held between April 21-23, at the All Age School in Port Royal, a mecca of Jamaica’s culture, and where Intense host Pepita Little hails. This time around Solid Agency receiving good reports from artistes and recipients already pledged four artistes Conflict, Boom Steppa, Admiral Tibet and Keida for the final day of the series, when certificates of participation, appreciation and recognition will be awarded.

At Port Royal All-Age, the 3-day series will focus strongly on sensitizing the students on the arts working collectively as one, and presenters will ultimately assist the students in brainstorming projects to help their community, awareness of the talents, skills and strengths that lie within. It also is aimed to stir an appetite for learning in the area with so little GSAT passes.

The Scotiabank volunteers will be given the mantle to explain on how the field of banking relates to the creative industry from being entrepreneurial to the purpose of saving and banking on skills. They will also assist in other projects and workshops being done by practicing artists, and those who apply art to other areas for success such as the GSAT games.

The list of almost 20 presenters includes visual artists such as Howard Moo Young, Melhanie Spence, Craig Phang Sang, Enhanced Realism Studios, journalists Winston “Babatunde” Witter. The series have been impacting at all locations visited, with its wide array of expert presenters from varied fields.

Colonel Oscar Derby, Cordel Green, Barrington Watson, Farenheit, Peter Lloyd, Emma Caroline Lewis, Jermaine Gordon are just a few of the volunteers sponsoring with their time and skill so far.