'Notorious' Premiere Draws Biggie's Friends And Family

The only person missing from the world premiere of “Notorious” Wednesday night in New York was Biggie himself. You could almost imagine the late icon cracking up as he watched some of the more humorous parts of his life on the big screen. The audience definitely did.

Walking down the isle in the main theater of the AMC Lincoln Square was almost like going to an award show. Jay-Z and Beyoncé are over there. Nas is right here. Busta Rhymes is a few rows up. Fabolous, DJ Clue, Ciara, Jadakiss, Mary J. Blige, Russell Simmons, members of “The Wire” cast and, of course, the cast of “Notorious.” All were in the building, along with Big’s circle of the Junior M.A.F.I.A., Faith Evans, Big’s managers, Voletta Wallace and Diddy. Lil’ Kim, who has recently blasted Biggie’s mom and widow in an interview with Hip-Hop Weekly, was noticeably absent.

As the movie played, it was evident the filmmakers devised the right path to touch the audience’s emotions. The laughs were loud, people were dancing in their seats during the performance scenes, and — whoa … We all know the great tragedy that is the death of Christopher Wallace/ Frank White/ Biggie/ Big Poppa. When that last chapter of his life came up, you could see eyes get glassy to downright dripping with tears. What a ride.

“I loved it,” Jadakiss said in the lobby.

Diddy was one of the last to leave the theater after the screening, and in the lobby, he mingled with his peers and took pictures with fans. He had a pleased smile on his face. The general consensus was that the film surpassed expectations. The hip-hop community has a winner.

After the screening, everyone headed to the Roseland Ballroom for the afterparty, where DJs kept acts like Guy, New Edition and even George Michael in rotation throughout the night. “Faith” was played, and Faith Evans got on the mic.

After shouting out a myriad of Big’s friends, Evans asked “Where’s Brooklyn at? Y’all in this muthaf—a? Y’all came to party with B.I.G.? Say, ‘Yeah!’ F— that, say, ‘Yeah!’ Let’s do it like New York ni–as know how to do it!”

Just then, the DJ dropped “Party and Bullsh–.”

Faith came back later and told the story of how “Hyptnotize” was repeatedly played at the Vibe party Biggie attended before his murder. The DJ threw that on for the people at Roseland. And you know a good time is being had by all when you see Omar from “The Wire” (Michael K. Williams) dancing in front of the stage. “Ha! Sicker than your average … ”

Source: MTV