Poor and Boasy case settled

THE STAR has learnt that dancehall artiste Poor and Boasy, who was accused of stabbing a man nine times, is now breathing a sigh of relief, as an agreement was reached concerning settlement of his case.

When contacted yesterday, the reigning Magnum King of the Dancehall, born Omar Johnson, confirmed the news.

poor-and-boasyAccording to Johnson he appeared in the Spaldings Resident Magistrate’s Court in Clarendon on April 16 and the RM was told that both parties had come to an agreement and the case was subsequently thrown out.

A source from the Christiana police who was close to the investigations confirmed to THE STAR that an agreement was indeed made and was mentioned in court.

“They came to some agreement where he (Poor and Boasy) was supposed to pay for the damages … I cannot say if the deal was settled though, I have to check,” the source told THE STAR last night.

Poor and Boasy, however, says he has settled the issue and is ready to move on.

heated argument

THE STAR first reported that Poor and Boasy was wanted in connection with the stabbing of Lindon Clarke, a resident of Aenon Town, Clarendon, on June 5, last year.

It was alleged that while playing a game of cards, Clarke got into a heated argument with Johnson. It is further alleged that Clarke received several stab wounds in his side, hands and belly and had to run in order to escape. He was later hospitalised and was placed on a drip.

However, after months of battling with court dates, the 20-year-old Johnson, who was represented by Valrie Neita Robinson, is happy that the worst is behind him.

bad company

“Di judge say mi get another chance in life, mi muss use it well and stop keep bad company. Mi just glad fi all who keep supporting me cause a nuh mi dat,” he said.

The last few months have been nothing but turmoil for Johnson, a former street youth who became famous last year as a contestant in the Magnum Kings and Queens of Dancehall competition. He wiped motor vehicle windshields at stoplights to earn a living and it influenced his popular song Red, Amber and Green.

However, not only did his music career stall as a result of the court case, but his reputation was being questioned as many believed the incident was a result of his background.

“True yuh nuh know how it hurt me. Mi just did affi keep it inside … memba mi have a likkle daughter and certain people who did trust mi start lose off a mi,” he stated.

positive attitude

Instead of feeling resentful and angry, Johnson says he has now brushed off the negativity lingering around his young career and will approach the future with a renewed and positive attitude.

“Tru di case mi did a lay low, but a not guilty di judge seh so mi deh back on it again. It was a learning process because a Father God a show mi certain signs. Mi a come from the worst suh dis a just add to it,” he said.

Since his legal issues, the young deejay said he has recorded several songs which speak about his situation. Two such singles are Rich and Feisty, which was recorded at Jambiz Productions, and Love You Got, at Fams House Productions.

Source: JamaicaStar