Raine working hard to cement name in the business

Raine Seville

Singer Raine Seville is working hard to cement her name in the music business with the release of three new music videos.

The singer shot the video for her single Listen last week, and will be shooting the video for Showdown this Friday, as well as the medley video for the ‘Bedroom’ rhythm next week. After having not released a new video for more than a year, Raine is looking forward to getting herself back on the scene after the birth of her daughter last year.

She told The STAR, “I shot Listen on ZJ Chrome’s ‘Cardiac Bass’ rhythm recently in Cherry Hill and downtown Kingston. The video was shot by a new director called Roli. Though the song was recorded and released a year ago, I felt the need to do a video because of the continuous great reception I get when I perform it, and also from my Twitter and Facebook fans all over the world. I recently received an email from someone in Africa telling me that Listen is my biggest track over there. Plus it shows the more conscious side of Raine.”

She said her recently released single, Showdown for Payday Music has been getting a lot of buzz in the streets, and shows a more deejaying style to her persona. “Showdown video I’m excited to do. It will be mainly performance shots the focus is on me, especially with the fact that I’m coming back on the scene. My lyrics are very powerful in the song so that will be brought across in the video,” she added.

On the Payday Music-produced ‘Bedroom’ rhythm medley, Raine will be featured alongside female acts such as Stacious, Natalie Storm, I-Shawna among others. The video will be shot next week.

For Raine the reception to See Dem A Look, also on the rhythm, has been going well. Raine plans to bring her attitude and sense of fashion to the medley as well. She is working on new songs for the likes of Romeich, Jazzwad and Payday Music.

Outside of the music scene, Raine is exploring new ground as one of the faces of Euphoria Spa. She will be appearing alongside Stacious in advertisements for the two-year-old spa.

“I was approached by the owner of the spa who believe I have a flourishing fan base. They respect my work and love my image so they wanted me to represent their spa.

“I feel blessed for getting the opportunity because I think I speak for all females when I say we love to be pampered, we love getting our regular facials, waxing, massage, manicures and pedicures. Euphoria Skin Spa is amazing. They are very professional, they promote skin care and health.”


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