Richie Loop leaves for US

With his song My Cupp blowing across the region and along the eastern seaboard of the United States, emerging star Richie Loop is about to embark on a promotional tour of the United States as he reaches for greater success in the music industry.

richie loopThe 23-year-old producer-singer exploded on to the scene earlier this year, less than a year after joining the Scikron Entertainment/Big Yard label. His hit party song My Cupp is dominating music charts all over. The song is currently number one in Toronto and on the Chris Coxsone Reggae Charts in New York Style UK; number three on the Caribbean Top 20 charts and on the Digicel Caribbean Top 30 charts; number six on the South Florida Top 25 Reggae Charts and number seven on the NY Reggae Charts.

He also has several other songs getting frequent airplay, including Party Like it’s your Birthday with D-Major and Busy Signal, She Wants it Good, Party Time and Mi Want Mi Own.

But under the guidance of Robert Livingston, Richie Loop is planning to strike while the iron, or in this case, My Cupp is hot. So, accompanied by the Big Yard CEO, Richie Loop will leave on Sunday to take on the US East Coast for a month.

loop’s schedule

Based on his schedule, Richie Loop is down to make appearances on September 2 in Boston on Jammin’ 94.5 with Pup Dog; September 3 at 102 Jams Reggae Fest at Club Lux in Orlando, Florida; September 4 at Anything Goes: The Labour Day Edition in Manhattan, New York; September 5 at Mr Cee’s Five Alarm Blaze also in New York; September 16 at WZMX radio show in New Haven, Connecticut; September 17 at the Hot 106 Reggae Show at Lupo’s Heart Break Hotel on Rhode Island and on September 30 at DJ Pup Dog Party at the Roxy Nightclub in Boston.

The schedule seems daunting but Loop says he is preparing for it and remains focused. “I am not overly excited. I am staying focused and just getting ready for the tour,” said the young entertainer, who also had a hand in producing reggae star Gentleman’s hit To The Top that features Chris Martin.

The tour, he says, is an opportunity for people to get to know him. “I just want people to see me for who I am, both onstage and off,” he said.

Source: JamaicaStar