Ron Mushette Gives Cappa Flex The Stamp Of Approval

Fast-rising dancehall artiste Cappa Flex has many reasons to smile of late considering the fact that he was featured by one of the premiere radio deejays Ron Mushette who hailed the young singjay for his original sound and encouraged his listeners to give Cappa Flex the platform to showcase his talent. According to Cappa Flex several musical pundits are endorsing his single entitled Fight which has been creating waves on social media.

“Fight is the name of the song and is also the symphony to my life because I am still fighting to achieve my goals. This song has opened so many doors for me. I do give thanks” stated Cappa Flex.

Cappa Flex Fighting His Way To The Top

The Waterhouse native says his career got a boost recently when Ron Mushette invited him to be a guest on his morning show which has a global listenership. According to Cappa Flex many people reach out to him since then.

“Big up fada Ron dem man deh always a help artiste. Him share him platform with me and a lot of people who never knew my name reach inna me DM all producer wheh me used to watch pon TV send me riddims to voice suh me definitely grateful” stated Cappa Flex.

Currently, Cappa Flex is busy promoting his single entitled Fight as well as in studio recording for several top-flight producers including his management team Legendary Records.


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