Scott Storch produces Ce'Cile, Beenie combo

Dancehall artiste Ce’Cile is doing big things for her new album, Waiting to be released in July.

Ce’Cile has been working with reknowed American producer Scott Storch and recently collaborated with ‘the doctor’, Beenie Man, on her first single entitled So Fly.

The single, So Fly, was produced by Storch for SoBe/Dangerzone records.

Storch is well known in the US for his work. He has produced Beyonce and Sean Paul’s Baby Boy, 50 Cents’ Candy Shop and has worked with the likes of Mariah Carey, Paris Hilton and many others.

Ce’Cile, in explaining how they managed to team up says, “He (Storch) doesn’t do much dancehall, but because I’m signed to Dangerzone/SoBe Records and Scott Storch was producing a track with Brook Hogan and Beenie …”

She continued, “I got some Scott Storch rhythms to record on, which was mostly hip hop, and Scot made Beenie Man hear the song I did and Beenie Man immediately jumped on the rhythm and when I got it back, it was on a completely different rhythm, more dancehall, and I loved it.”

Ce’Cile says the single will be the only song on the beat and so far she has been promoting it in Connecticut on Hot 93.7 and NY Hot 97, with Kay Slay and Pat McKay on Sirius Radio, and Link Up Radio, to name a few.

Featuring Shaggy

According to Ce’Cile, “This will be the first single that we will be distributing internationally and Ride Or Die will be the single being distributed locally off my new album.”

But there is a lot more that fans can expect from Ce’Cile’s upcoming album, as she says, “I just did a crazy song with Ding Dong called Dance for Baby G.”

She added, “The album will also feature Waiting, the original, and the remix featuring Shaggy. We also have other songs on it like Faking, but we have not left out the reggae, so we have two brandnew tracks, one is called No Disturb Sign and (the other) Kinda Love. And we have some other stuff on it like a collaboration with Junior Reid.”

Ce’Cile says, “This album will serve for North America and the Caribbean and I’m really looking forward to it because I’ve never had an album in this region before.”

Ce’Cile has had an album released in Japan before and she also has one coming out in Europe soon.

Her next performance will be at the Apollo Theatre on May 4, where she is nominated for Best Female Vocalist for the song Waiting at the International Reggae and World Music Award (IRAWMA).


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