Sophia Brown to visit Allman Town Primary

Students at Allman Town Primary, who this week will be involved in a series of creative workshops, will get a chance to meet some of Jamaica’s current entertainers today. The workshops that begin at Allman Town on Wednesday are aimed at making a positive impact on the children through the arts and related fields.


Several entertainers have been invited to participate, among them singer Sophia Brown, who is a mother of two.

She tells THE STAR that the OASIS International Foundation that organised the workshops contacted her publicist Chris Campbell and she was happy to be on board such a worthwhile venture. “I am delighted to do this because I have children of my own and I speak to them daily about career choices, so I am pleased to tell them about these and other things,” Brown said.

Among the things Brown said she plans to speak about are self-confidence and sex, issues she considers very important when raising today’s youth. She also wants to address the boys, who she feels are becoming increasingly marginalised in today’s society. “I want to let them know that the women are outsmarting them and that the time has come for them to step up,” she said.


The singer, who recently signed a one-year/one-album deal with the Universal Music Group, said she wants to let the girls know how important self-esteem is to their development. “Their self-esteem is a very big part of anything they do,” she remarked, “when they have that they can accomplish anything.”

Brown, whose Good Love video was recently released locally, feels she is more than capable of speaking to and motivating the students, especially as it relates to the nuances of the music industry, of which she has been a part of for many years.


The foundation’s objective is to assist with the development of today’s youth, making them more rounded and positively exposed to a wide variety of fields, and ultimately, better career success. The arts, its value, role and purpose are being seen as critical to the development of each human, ultimately, each nation, and the world.

Founder Anthea McGibbon believes that early exposure to children, when done properly, will enable each to be better able to perform, and choose careers and hobbies wisely, especially when it comes to the arts.

Brown leaves for California tomorrow for a performance before international journalists at the Roxy in Los Angeles.

Source: JamaicaStar