Spragga's son was a victim of his own words

Popular deejay Spragga Benz was on Wednesday dealt another emotional blow when he saw a copy of his son’s School Based Assessment (SBA).

The youngster, who was killed by the police, had earlier written a letter about police brutality.

The deejay was amazed by the irony and told THE STAR, “I didn’t even know that’s the topic he got. I saw it yesterday. It’s just crazy. It really touch base. It really bad still.”

In a sad twist of fate, the youngster, who had just completed fifth form at the time of his death, was given the task to write on the topic in fulfilment of his studies.

Execution style

Grant’s chilling letter bore eerie similarities to his demise. In his SBA, which took the form of a letter to the editor, he wrote, “The police have killed many innocent men that they said were responsible for murders and illegal firearms. If many of these deaths were investigated you would notice that these persons died in execution style (close range shots to the head, shots to the face etc).” Grant was shot in the head on August 23.

Reports were that Grant and another man were riding a bicycle along Church Street in downtown, Kingston, when police stopped them. The police said Grant pulled a gun and fired shots and they returned the fire, killing him. Following his death however, Grant’s family strongly denied the claims and said he was killed in cold blood.

Although in his letter, Grant had stated, “… the officers that are committing these crimes are not being charged”, two policemen implicated in his killing have been charged with murder. They are booked to return in the Home Circuit Court on January 23, 2009. They are both on $350,000 bail.

Very credible

The deejay is also concerned about the well-being of the other youngster who was with Grant at the time of his death. According to Spragga, he believes his life is at risk.