Vybz Kartel won't respond to Blak Ryno

Deejay Vybz Kartel says he will not be recording a counteraction song for Blak Ryno’s Mi Lef, the artiste’s ‘tell all’ song about his departure from the Portmore Empire.

The deejay declared his intentions to remain silent when contacted by THE STAR yesterday.

On Monday, Blak Ryno seemed to have answered all the questions surrounding his departure from the Vybz Kartel-led Portmore Empire. His song, Mi Lef, produced by Supa Blunt, has created a buzz in the entertainment fraternity as Ryno fires lyrical shots at his former mentor who last week described the young deejay as a confused individual.

In the song he deejays, “Di bwoy dem a faker, Jamaica/ mi tell yuh dis, I neva lef through paper/ lef because dem a violater/ mi cut because mi waan mi life greater/him chat mi behind a mi back, weh yuh waan smile in front mi face fah/like yuh feel man a idiot/yuh cyaan do me like weh yuh do di raper.”

Ryno also goes further to explain in the song that he was called in for a ‘meeting’, which he never went to and how he is now looking forward to success in the future as an artiste. He deejays, “all dem a talk sey mi nah make it/me a go live fi be di best.”

Following the song’s introduction to the airwaves, several persons began speculating that Kartel would reply lyrically to Ryno. When THE STAR spoke to Kartel yesterday about the song and whether he would be replying, he didn’t have much to say on the matter.

The deejay simply stated, “Ryno and I aren’t on that page where he does a song and I reply. He and I know what time it is.”

Ryno left the Empire officially last week after weeks of speculation that he and his Empire crew where no longer on good terms. The deejay is the third artiste to leave the Empire in recent times following Lisa Hyper and Kym – formerly Gaza Kim.

Source: JamaicaStar